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How to take care of your Eucalyptus Sheets? 💙

Do you want to take good care of your Eucalyptus Sheets? Lucky sheets! In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown of things to know to ensure your sheets last longer, stay fresher and look as good as new…for a long time to come! 

Let’s get right into it. 


“I did my laundry today. That was a load off of my mind.”


Wash your Eucalyptus Sheets separately on a 'cold' or 'delicate' setting, using a gentle detergent.

To dry, our preference is to hang them to dry - away from direct sunlight. But if this is not possible, tumble dry on gentle and low settings.


What about stains?

In the case of stains, apply a detergent to the targeted area for 10 minutes and pop them in the washer following the above instructions.

Please do not use bleach or fabric softener as this affects the fabric’s quality and colour. You want to steer clear from harsh chemicals to improve your sheets’ longevity. 


 Laundry | How to take care of Eucalyptus Sheets.


How often should I wash the sheets?

Bed&Butter Eucalyptus Sheets have superior moisture management capabilities, making it hard for bacteria to grow on them. That said, they should still be washed regularly for hygiene purposes. Aim to wash your Eucalyptus Sheets (or any sheet for that matter) once a week! 

Any preferred detergents?

Always, always use natural detergents as they are gentler on fabrics. This rings true, especially for 100% natural fabrics like our Eucalyptus Sheets that do not use any toxic chemicals in the making. If you want to take it a step further, use a eucalyptus-based detergent. They are soft on the sheets and on the environment…just like Bed&Butter sheets❤️ 🌎

Understood…but why do Eucalyptus Sheets have special instructions?

Bed&Butter Eucalyptus Sheets are made from 100% eucalyptus wood pulp and do not use any toxic chemicals. This makes them great in every aspect - during production and after production! 

While use of toxic chemicals can prepare fabrics to withstand harsh situations, they are not good for our body and our environment. Our Eucalyptus Sheets on the other hand are better for you and the planet, and all it requires is a little bit of special care…like all ‘worth it’ things do. 

Best part about all the washing? Bed&Butter Eucalyptus Sheets get softer with washing. Yay!


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I’ve used these sheets for a week. They are lovely and light to sleep under. They seem to have pilled up bit though, so they have rough patches, particularly the fitted sheet that you lie on. Does this settle down. I’ve always had cotton sheets, and that has never happened, but maybe it’s a thing with lycell? I’m just wondering how many years I’ll get out of them before they wear through.

Bird Susan

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