Sheets 101: Size Chart

Size Chart

Here's the size chart of our eucalyptus sheets. We follow the general Australian measurement standards.




King Single

220 W x 275 L cm 108W x 203 L x 40 H cm 50cm W x 75cm L


228 W x 254 L cm

137 W x 193 L x 50 H cm

50cm W x 75cm L


245 W x 274 L cm

152 W x 203 L x 50 H cm

50cm W x 75cm L


274 W x 274 L cm

180 W x 203 L x 50 H cm

50cm W x 75cm L



Type of sheets

Confused between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet? We'll explain.

*ahem* *ahem*

Flat sheets

Flat sheet is a (flat), rectangular piece of cloth that fold easily and lay flat on the mattress. They are generally larger than the mattress surface. Some use flat sheets between the bed cover and under a blanket for warmth and hygiene. 

Fitted sheets

Fitted sheet have elastic corners designed to grip onto the mattress. They are meant to fit your mattress perfectly. Our sheets have 50cm deep pockets to ensure they fit most mattresses like a glove!

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