Wrinkle-free sheets! Easiest hack to remove creases

Wrinkle-free sheets! Easiest hack to remove creases

As someone who makes the bed often, I can confirm it’s really frustrating to see those damn creases on bed sheets. You have a beautiful aesthetic going on and your wrinkled sheets spoil the party. Well, it’s a common thing. Fabrics tend to wrinkle. But there’s a fix - a quick and easy fix. Thank you, TikTok! 

And no, I'm not talking about ironing your sheets! Most good fabrics are susceptible to high heat and you may end up ruining your sheets. 

What you can do instead is sprinkle some tap water on your sheets when you’re tucking your sheets. And then… well, that’s it. It’s as simple as that. The water settles into the creases and straightens the sheets. This trick is also used in hotels to remove wrinkles.

Here’s the TikTok:


@mama_mila_ Love a no-ironing hack ☁️ #cleaninghack #bedroomcheck #cleaningmotivation #freshsheets ♬ original sound - ocean_magazine



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